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I deeply appreciate and acknowledge the breadth of the human experience and the fact that we come in many very different beautiful packages. I would like to see my public tax dollars used in a more effectively that way. I would like to see there be a more strategic use of public funds and opportunities so that they go where they are most needed; public funds used more thoughtfully with the outcomes targeted for self-agency and human development. I think that is where many of our public funds have fallen short. I would like to see the use of public funds that are devoted to improved outcomes in education, housing, and health. Rather than just giving money to people you also must provide them with social programming and educational programming. You have to provide people with a sense of aspiration. You must give them something to work towards. I don’t mind helping people that need help but, I would like to see them at some reasonable point be able to help themselves. Whether that be through values, education, job training, or however this goal can be accomplished. How do we use public policy to effectuate sustainable change in the lives of the underserved? “...Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. I would argue if public policy was guided by this principle, we could liberate a society.  


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