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I align myself with libertarian. I’m sure I didn’t, but this is how I am now. I just have seen our government grow at such a rapid pace, and all the while, constantly putting regulations upon on us. That don’t all affect me, but I see them effecting other people’s lives greatly.

Also, I wouldn’t say I mistrust in the government, but I don’t think very highly of politicians, and I don’t think they are making decisions based on what’s best for their constituents. I think they are making decisions best for what will get them reelected, and I think that is real shame.

The conservative part, I guess, would be I do have strong Christian beliefs. I think that is very important for many families. Not everybody, not everybody has to have it, and some people do perfectly fine without it, and that is fine. But for me that was important, and I think that it grounds you a little bit and makes you realize that you are not the most important thing in the world, and that there are other things that are more important than yourself.


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